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Iridescent Blossoms

Courtney was inspired to do this artwork after our client mentioned how much she loved a piece by Van Gogh called “Almond Blossoms” this was used as inspiration. From the hand made ceramic inserts to the sculpted plaster branches and even the iridescent transition background, everything in this piece was considered.  

For Nelson

This amazing piece was made for the very happy  parents of Nelson, the African Grey. All the ceramic pieces were hand made and painted with great care by Courtney. Sean has mosaiced some more feathers on each parrot using stained grey glass. This artwork is entirely waterproof with the backing being newtec bored and bonding …

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The story of Medusa has been interpreted in many ways, but the one that resonates most with me is this version: Medusa was born astonishingly beautiful. She attracted the attention of a great number of men, one of which being” The God of the Oceans” Poseidon. Medusa, however had turned him away as she had …

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Nature overcomes

“Nature Overcomes” is a comment on how nature is dying out in some parts of the world and that we should remember how much we need her and what she provides for us. The piece shows Mother Nature’s loss of life and colour in her human attributes while still showing how beautiful nature still is …

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This set was inspired by an artwork at a previous MASA expo by an artist named Nicole Myer . Courtney wanted to give it a bit of a twist so she used Oriental culture to look for her subject. The “Komainu” meaning “Korean Dog” are sacred stone animals seen as guardian deity’s and are placed …

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Natural Network

Natural Network all started with a single insert and grew from there. The insert was made with a real leaf imprinted in clay and then glazed. the mosaic elements were shaped to mimic that of the cells in the leaf as well as looking like a network of roads in a city It symbolizes how …

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Charlie Mccoo’s Highland Cow Mosaic-ed on a Lazy Susan

Our client came to us wanting a painting called “Colourful Highland Cow” by Charlie Mccoo mosaiced onto her lazy susan. Courtney took this project and did not disappoint with the end result. It is done on an MDF lazy susan with ceramic tile.

African Sunset

This incredible piece was done for a family member of ours who wanted The Big Five in an artwork. Courtney didn’t want to go the traditional route of African art and wanted to do a more colourful representation of Africa. She sculpted an painted all the inserts by hand whilst leaving Phakama to fill in …

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